Current Reports


Current Report no. 8/2017

Supervisory Board’s approval of the Company’s investment plan.


Current Report no. 7/2017

Notification concerning the increase in participation in the total number of votes on the Issuer’s Annual General Meeting by over 2%


Current Report no. 6/2017

[Translate to english:] Otrzymanie przez Emitenta decyzji o środowiskowych uwarunkowaniach inwestycji oraz aktualizacja informacji dotyczącej planu inwestycyjnego Spółki.


Current Report no. 5/2017

Dates of publishing periodic statements in the financial year 2017


Current Report no. 4/2017

List of shareholders holding at least 5% of the number of votes at the Extraordinary General Meeting of BSC DRUKARNIA OPAKOWAŃ S.A. dated 10 January 2017


Current Report no. 3/2017
Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk | Frank Ohle

Appointing the Supervisory Board members


Current Report no. 2/2017

Dismissal of the Supervisory Board member

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